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Channels Golf Club Report -4th October 2016





We urgently need someone to take on the role of Junior Organiser

Anyone interested please contact either:-

Vice Captain David Pop on 07500 864823

Hon. Sec Terry Warmington on 07970 450424


- Please be aware that Winter Rules are no longer in operation from 1st June

- We now have a mid week medal competition every third Tuesday and Wednesday of the month. This competition will be played from the yellow tees (the mid week medal played every first week of the month will continue to be played from the white tees).

- Please click the link provided regarding updates on the construction of the interim course and further information regarding the sale of phase 5 - Letter from R.J.C Stubbings, Director

August club report 2016


New 14th Hole

New 15th Hole

New 16th Hole


New 17th Hole

New 18th green

Rule 25-1b and 1c applies

Temporary immovable obstructions.

Whilst the construction work is taking place there are areas of the course, specifically affecting holes 3,5,6,8 and 9, where temporary fencing and marker posts may interfere with the play of these holes.

Any construct erected in relation to the construction work is a temporary immovable obstruction and relief may be taken.

Rule 24-2b applies.


For any general enquiries call 01245 440005
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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